Teen hacker took less than 24 hours to jailbreak the new iPhone 7

While it’s only been two weeks since the new iPhone 7 dropped, someone has already managed to circumvent its defenses.

Teenage hacker Luca Todesco, better known under the alias of qwertyoruiopz, has figured out how to jailbreak the iPhone 7 running iOS 10 – and he claims it took him less than 24 hours to bypass.

Although Todesco bragged about his achievement on Twitter and YouTube, he says he has no immediate plans to release the details of the exploit he used – not until Apple has released a patch at least.

Speaking to Motherboard, Todesco said the iPhone 7 wasn’t easy to crack. He further added he’s considering submitting the vulnerabilities to Apple’s bug bounty program, but is yet to make a final decision.

They definitely made my life harder. The iPhone 7 is a step in the right direction. Obviously it’s not 100 percent secure – like nothing else is.

As is often the case with these things, Apple will probably catch up with Todesco’s exploit and patch the holes he used to jailbreak the device. Still, as the crafty hacker says, “they can raise the effort required, but there will always be someone willing to invest enough time to do it.”

You can take a peek at the jailbreak iPhone 7 in the video section above.

Apple will probably launch its iPhone 6 One Month Later

The September launch of iPhone 6 might be postponed. MacRumors claims that Apple has plans to launch the so much expected iPhone 6 in the month of October, with some other new products. Although, smart phones enthusiasts might be a bit disappointed this postpone will probably have no impact on the company’s success or failure with the product. The report claims that the new launching date for the iPhone 6 is going to be the 14th of October 2014.

The iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C were launched on the 10th of September 2013. By the end of the month the smart phones were already in stores, ready to be bought.

Apple has the tendency to make most of its iPhone sales towards the end of the year. The first quarter report for 2014, which actually referred to the sales registered during the last quarter of 2013, showed that Apple had managed to sell fifty-one million iPhones. During the most recent quarter the company managed to sell around thirty one million units.

The NPD analyst, Eddie Hold, said that the majority of phone producers had to ship by the end of September or the beginning of October. However, quarter number four, which begins on the 1st of October and ends after the winter holiday season, is the period when lots of customers renew their contracts and buy new mobile devices. Producers that have at least one new product are like a real magnet for customers during the fourth quarter. If the producers of phones running on Android do not have a new mobile phone to offer, then buyers might simply purchase something else, even if it is quite different from their previous gadget. The analyst does not consider that a delay of any kind would affect Apple sales. The iPhone is a product capable of attracting people who will line up to buy it, not matter when the new model hits the market.

The question is what happens with the sales impact when several phones are released at the same time. This is not something new for Apple which has already used the strategy with iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. The data gathered up till now, point out the 5S is more appealing to customers than the 5C. However, they also reveal that the simultaneous release of two phones does not have a negative impact on sales.

Apple might face some problems if it announces two products but ends up delivering only one. The people who want to purchase the second product might decide that it is worth waiting for and they might not want to purchase the product available in stores.

Nonetheless, there are more chances for Apple to announce two phones and actually launch two. The company might also decide to announce one phone and launch only one.

The Apple representatives have not commented yet on these new rumours.

Reversible USB-A Feature to make the Difference for iPhone 6

There are high chances for Apple’s new iPhone 6 to arrive in the month of September. Probably most customers will be eagerly waiting the so much talked about Apple larger screen. However, the screen would probably not influence the daily use of the smart phone as the reversible USB. It is true that this type of USB-to-lighting cable is just a rumor, but most things we know about Apple are only rumors. The company has not confirmed many of the rumors about its soon to be here gadgets.

The leaks present a Lighting cable equipped with a USB connector which has the amazing advantage of been plugged in either ways. There are no “up” requirements. Nowhereeles presented some images of the prototype model of the reversible USB. Sonny Dickson also posted something that looked quite similar to the new Apple USB.

Umidificatoare De Camera: Un accesoriu de nelipsit din camera dvs

Poate ati auzit sau chiar ati vazut un umidificator de camera la un prieten si v-ati intrebat ce beneficii are si daca se merita sa-l achizitionati si dvs. Ei bine,prietenii dvs au ales un astfel de umidificator camera din cel putin doua motive principale.

Cel mai important motiv care justifica achizitia acestui umidificator de camera este acela al sanatatii. Din prima zi in care-l veti instala in camera dvs,veti observa cum praful din camera dvs va disparea,nu veti mai avea mancarimi la ochi,vor disparea alergiile,va disparea senzatia de aer uscat,care va lasa gatul uscat pe timpul noptii.

Un alt motiv este cel evidentiat de functia de aromaterapie. Exista pe piata umidificatoare aromaterapie care pe langa functia de umidificare,degaja si un miros foarte placut in camera dvs. Acestea se folosesc impreuna cu un ulei esential cu diferite arome,care acestea la randul lor aduc nenumarate beneficii,de la prevenirea racelii pana la un somn linistit.De azi inainte locuinta dvs va avea mereu un parfum foarte placut,parfum obtinut intr-un mod natural,acesta fiind eliberat de aparat din uleiul esential.

Aceste umidificatoare de camera au si functii de lampa de veghe,avant un design special,ele putand fi amplasate si in camera copilului dvs. In comert sunt mai multe modele de umidificatoare camera copii cu diferite forme si marimi.Toate aceste umidificatoare elimina in aer un abur rece care va creste nivelul de umiditate din camera in care este amplasat.

Android might be used to save Windows Phone

Microsoft is working hard to make its operating system for phones more and more popular among users. Thus, the HTC One M8 running on Windows Phone has already been launched. But, the rival operating system might have to save Windows Phone out of its latest move to gain more shares of the smart phone market.

Microsoft wants to speed up the introduction of devices functioning on Windows Phone. The company delivered very clear this message when it presented the HTC One M8 running on its operating system. Microsoft has managed to tweak its Windows Phone 8.1 so as to function on devices created for the Android operating system.

In the past four years, Microsoft struggled to introduce Windows Phone as an operating system for smart phones and tried to be a dangerous rival for the extremely iOS and Android operating systems. Unfortunately, for Microsoft phones running on Windows Phones are still niche devices. They represented only 2.5 per cent of the global smart phone market during the second financial quarter of 2014.

Microsoft has tried to convince hardware manufacturers to produce phones functioning on its operating system. But phone producers are not very eager to spend money on phones functioning on Windows Phone because there are few customers. But the operating system will never become popular if there are no devices using it. If the pattern is not broken, Microsoft will experience quite a loss on the smart phone market. Thus, the solution is to find other phone makers besides Nokia.

The launch of the HTC One M8 functioning on Windows Phone points out that Microsoft is tackling a new approach to its problem.

A New Strategy

The Microsoft representatives claim that the company had started its campaign to convince phone producers to use Windows Phone before it started its collaboration with HTC. The Windows Phone 8.1 released earlier this year offers software which has soft keys instead of the hard buttons. The Microsoft representative claimed that there were fourteen products expected to use the redesigned Windows Phone. Some of these gadgets will have Android hardware reshaped to function with the software of Windows Phone.

The strategy is better for phone producers. With the previous version of the Windows Phone operating system they had to build an entire new hardware. For companies like HTC which are having serious problems due to the massive competition of Apple and Samsung, the creation of two separate phones functioning on different operating systems might be a real problem. If HTC has the possibility to sell the Android and the Windows Phone version of the same phone model it would save the company lots of money.

It is also important to point out that the design and the features of Android gadgets are one step ahead of the ones belonging to Windows Phone. The president of the HTC America, Jason Mackenzie, declared that the HTC One M8 running on Windows Phone was the first high end gadget functioning on several operating systems without having made compromises of any kind. Mackenzie agreed that it was quite a challenge to build up a smart phone by using the previous version of Microsoft’s operating system for phones.

The president of HTC America said that it was important for customer to actually benefit from a choice. Thus, HTC decided to go for a phone running on Windows Phone despite its tiny market share. For the moment customers can choose between a HTC functioning on Android and another one using Windows Phone. Although, Microsoft and HTC have a history together, HTC decided to create a phone running on Windows Phone only in the autumn of 2012. Mackenzie explained that the delay was caused by the relationship between Nokia and Microsoft. Last year Microsoft made public its intention to buy the Finish Company for 7.2 US billion dollars.

Microsoft’s decision to sack 18,000 employees, most of them working for the Nokia division hints that the company is not going to base its smart phone strategy on Nokia and therefore needs other partners, like HTC.  Although, Nokia makes qualitative phones, Microsoft needs more if it wants to get an important share of the smart phone market.

Putting the Strategy into Practice

The HTC and the Microsoft representative met in January 2014 in order to discuss their future relationship. They decided to use the new Windows Phone 8.1 on the Android hardware used for the creation on the new high-end HTC smart phone.

Microsoft needs to attract more phone manufacturers and find a way to make easier for them to use its operating system. Verizon also observed the same gap in hardware. For the time being Verizon, commercializes Nokia Lumia 928 and Nokia Lumia Icon. The Verizon representative, Jeff Dietel, said that the devices were great but the HTC One franchise was in another category for Verizon. He also pointed out that the clients of his company wanted more possibilities when choosing their smart phone. Customers wanted both hardware and software choices.

Due to this efforts and the to the ones of Qualcomm which has managed to create a processor functioning on both Windows and Android phones it would be more economical to create handsets for each and every platform by making use of the same hardware.

Blackberry PGP Encryption Software – Ultimate Way To Secure Your Info

With everything going on in the world today, it is difficult to tell if anything you do is protected any longer. Some individuals have acknowledged this level of invasion as something that they do not care about, do not need to worry about, or simply cannot do anything to stop from occurring. This should not be the case. No one should involuntarily stop trying their right to confidentiality. Many people simply cannot allow it because of the delicate information that they work on.

Some government agencies have overstepped their limit in the eyes of numerous individuals, by overreaching in their scope of how far they are going in collecting information. The one thing that has not been known is that government organizations may be stepping on the toes of other agencies, either government or non-government, who really survive by secrecy. Not everybody realizes what the other is doing, nor should they in an ideal world. Obstacles must be held in place in certain situations.

Android and iPhones have proven to be untrustworthy when considering to encryption email and data security. These popular devices were fairly reduced to the level of toys when considering to business or professional grade protection against espionage at any level. No one understands where the compromise begins and comes to an end with these kinds of systems whose very hardware was born with the concept of giving access to those who required it from certain levels.

This is not true with the Blackberry pgp encrypted phone. It doesn’t appear to be the serious target of any identified or unidentified organizations at the hardware level. Regardless, it still needs strong security at the software level. Here is where Blackberry PGP encryption software comes in. Using this properly manufactured and personalized solution, people using Blackberry pgp phones with the pgp encryption software correctly installed or configured may have assurance again that their information is not available to anybody except the intended targets.

This is a huge benefit, and a comfort to the business and private sector. Being able to shut out prying eyes and nosy ears is a advantage. Now, it is an inexpensive instrument that is accessible through only a select group. At the moment, the leader of this technology is a organization called TopPGP.com. They create their product accessible straight from their website. They are delivering worldwide blackberry pgp encryption phones since 2004. This is a highly trusted and reputable company in the pgp encryption software world.

Currently, it appears possible to take back your world, and send and get very sensitive confidential information. Naturally, the government isn’t pleased about this. They keep to push for legislation against this kind of software, openly acknowledging that they are powerless against it. What comes around goes around. In this world, you reap what you sew. Many will say that it is Karma. And others, like Blackberry Encrypted Phones, would say care about your own business!

Samsung hopes to charm Customers with Galaxy Alpha and its Metal Frame

The South Korean company has decided to change its strategy in order to attract new customers. Thus, it dropped its plastic case in the favor of a more stylish metal frame. The new Galaxy smart phone was launched on the 13th of August 2014, after a disappointing third quarter for Samsung, which experienced quite a drop in its smart phone sales. In order to boost its sales and solve its problems the South Korean company changed the chief of its design team in the month of May.

Samsung really wants to attract new clients and for this reason it opted for the metal frame and a design that is quite different from the one of its previous products. Buyers have complained that Samsung products looked cheap in spite of their features and costs.

But, if a customer takes a more attentive look, he/she will see that the new Samsung phone is not so much different from its predecessors. The home button has not changed that much while the plastic back is a reminder of the Galaxy S5. It is true that the Korean company has made some changes but they are not that striking.

Another change consists in the weight of the phone, which has about 115 grams. It also has got a slender figure of 6.7 mm. When it comes to specs, it must be pointed out that the phone runs of Android 4.4.4. It has an Exynos processor with four cores of the ARM Cortex-A15 type, which have a power of 1.8 gigahertz. It has also got four cores of the Cortex-A7 types, having a power of 1.3 gigahertz. The screen has an acceptable wideness of 4.7 inch and a resolution of 720 pixels.

There are two cameras: one at the back having 12 megapixels and one at the front having 2.1 megapixels. There is no micro SD card slot. However, the random access memory has 2 gigabytes and an integrated storage of 32 gigabytes.

The weak points of this new Samsung smart phone are its low resolution and the small screen. However, the phone is a bit pricy. Clove, the retailer selling the product in the UK asks the sum of 500 pounds just for the preorder, tax included. The official price has not been announced yet, but the amount of money paid for the preorder hints that this will not be a cheap phone at all. Specialists consider that the price is a bit too much, considering that the phone is not that outstanding.

Samsung has declared that the Galaxy Alpha will be launched in the month of September. However, nobody knows where this phone is going to hit the stores first.

Galaxy Note 4 Mysteries to be cleared on September 3rd

It has been said that Samsung Galaxy S5 does not have very impressive sales. However this is not at all connected with the quality of the gadget. Lots of analysts and buyers considered that the smart phone’s design is a bit out-dated and the TouchWiz is a bit annoying. However, these are small inconveniences in comparison with the saving modes of the battery, with the fact that the phone is designed to resist the impact of water and dusts. Also the camera having an ISCCELL technology and sixteen megabytes and the GS 5 make the Samsung Galaxy S5 one of the best smart phones on the marker, very hard to compete with.

However, one must not forget about the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which is supposed to hit the market in the month of September. Last year, the Korean Company announced its phablet during the IFA Conference held in the German capital of Berlin. This year the company has something else in its mind: a pre-IFA presentation of the new gadget. Thus, the phone will be announced on the 3rd of September 2014. The Korean company has started to send out invitations already.

This new gadget, the Galaxy Note 4 is considerate to be the ultimate Samsung device for this year and most specialists are sure that it will have some features that will amaze buyers. The Galaxy Note 4 will have a large display of 5.7 inch, similar to all other Samsung products. This device will be special due to its Quad HD resolution.

The gadget will be equipped with a processor of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 type. This is going to make the on-screen graphics even better and the batter is going to have a longer life. Samsung decided not to use a Quad HD for its device considering the poor results obtained by LG and its LG G3. The battery of this gadget last for about six hours at a maximum.

The new Samsung gadget will be equipped with a front-facing camera having 3.68 Mp and with a back camera having 16 MP. However, the back camera utilizes the sensor of the Sony Exmor camera and not the ISOCELL technology that belongs to Samsung. Nonetheless, there might be confusion between the rumors referring to the Note 4 and the ones making reference to the latest Galaxy Smart Phone.

The Galaxy Note 4 is going to have UV ray sensors to help the users identify the amount of UV raise that might be harmful for the skin. The S-Health will be present as well. This application registers the environment temperature and tells the user if it is appropriate or not. The UV ray sensor is ideal for sunbath fans. The S-Health is a very valuable application since it allows users to register the level of their stress during the day and the sleep patterns during the night. Fitness enthusiasts will probably use the smart watches they have and the Galaxy smart phones in order to keep a track of their fitness activity.

Rumors claim that the Note 4 will come in two models. Thus, there will be the Note 4 with the AMOLED display which will probably hit the store in early September and the Note 4 with a flexible display which will be available later in the year.

September 3rd – A grand date for Samsung Products

 In early spring the South Korean company announced that the new Galaxy S5 will hit the stores having a somewhat different design, since customers required something slightly more elegant. Customers have also shown an increase interest in all types of tech accessories.

The September 3rd event will be focused on other gadgets as well. Thus, many say that the Gear 3 smart watch will also be a star of the Samsung gala. The Gear VR headset will probably be there too.

The Samsung smart watch has been accompanied by lots of rumors. Some have claimed that the Korean Company has had in plans to launch a cellular connect wearable named Gear Solo. If the gadget is going to be revealed on the 3rd of September, it will definitely change the universe of smart watches, since the device does not need Bluetooth connectivity.

The unveiling of the Samsung Gear VR headset is not such a huge surprise. Lots of pictures of the gadgets invaded various website and the partnership with Facebook and Oculus is no longer a secret. Samsung will probably provide the hardware while Oculus the software.

Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will not hit the market all by itself. It will be accompanied by some really geeky gadgets like the Galaxy Alpha.  More and more details will be available as the month of September approaches.



It is not that Easy to be Forgotten According to Google

Google has explained the European authorities that deleting personal data spread throughout the web is not such an easy task. The entire task is even more difficult when there is little information and just a few, murky guidelines.

The most important search engine on the internet says that it has received more than 91,000 requests to erase around 328,000 links since July 18. This is the date when the European “right to be forgotten” ruling entered into force.

The majority of the requests belong to French and German citizens. Thus, Google has received about 17,500 from France and about 16,500 requests from Germany. About 12,000 deleting requests came from British citizens, 8,000 requests came from Spain, where the movement originates while Italian citizens have filed around 7,500 requests. The internet giant claims that in spite of all accusations it has managed to remove about fifty-three per cent of the requested links. But the company has declared that is facing difficulties because it has to rely on people filing the removal request since it needs data to put these people in perspective. Fleischer declared that quite a few requests contained either false or inaccurate information. Even if people give real information they avoid presenting facts that are not in their favor.

Thus, if a person requires Google to remove the data of his/her teenage crimes might omit to tell the company about his/her law infringements as an adult. This might not be quite dangerous if the respective person is running for some official position. There are also people that have asked Google to delete links leading to people having the same name.

Google has asked the European official for advice on how to make the difference between what is of public interest and what it is not. Another problem is if the information extant on government sites can be deleted at a person’s request.

The internet giant has worked hard in order to find the correct balance between the right to be informed and the right to privacy. The European Court of Justice has declared that individuals have the lawful right to ask Google to delete the inaccurate or outdated information about them.

Google has had some serious problems with the European news organizations which were infuriated by the fact that the company has removed links leading to some of their stories. Google has defended itself by making reference to the decision taken by the European Court of Justice in the month of May.

However, the links can be seen on Google.com. Most of the links deleted related to the names of various people.

JD.Com and Tencent team up For Chinese Xbox One Pre-Orders

One of the largest e-commerce companies based in China, JD.Com, has teamed up with Tencent to make possible the Xbox pre-order on Chinese territory. The devices will be available for a specific group of buyers from Monday till Wednesday.

JD.com officially announced that people who use Tencent’s WeChat (Weixin to the Chinese) and the messaging services known as Mobile QQ will have the possibility to fill-in prior orders for the Xbox One. The users who want to new gadget will have to pay a deposit about 81 US dollars before the pre-order. The Wall Street Journal pointed out that JD.com did not made public the official price of these consoles, which in the US cost approximately 500 US dollars.

The vice president of JD.com, Shuang Du, declared that the launching of the Xbox One on Chinese territory was an example of how sophisticated the young Chinese consumers had become.

This is a very important event for Chinese gadget fans due to the fact that the government banned in 2000 the sales of video game consoles like PlayStation, Wii or Xbox. The Chinese government based its decision on the fact that video games had the power to damage the users’ mental well-being.

China Telecom announced on Friday (July the 25th) that it was going to sell the Xbox consoles starting with the month of September. The company declared that it was going to be the sole carrier partner for Xbox on Chinese territory. China Telecom also said that the users would have to sign a broadband subscription contract if they wanted to gain accesses to the gaming experience offered by the Xbox.

In spite of the fact that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were released on the market at the same time, the Xbox did the unfortunate performance of trailing the sales of the PlayStation 4 all over the world.

Sony declared on its PlayStation Twitter account that its console was the one that the Americans favored the most. Sony was not bragging at all since the PlayStation managed to remain on top for the sixth month a row.